Al Ahla Hotel

Al Ahla Hotel

Al Ahla Hotel ، This hotel has a unique location close to the campus and enjoys charming views
Ali Al-Haram Al-Sharif, which attracts many guests and pilgrims, and this hotel has a work team
Trainer at the highest level in providing all the services of hospitality, reception and
accommodation can be booked The hotel is through a hotel reservation
company in Makkah that contracts with the best hotels that exist
The best cities in Saudi Arabia where the company works on
Providing all the services that individuals need during their
stay inside the hotel.

Al Ahla Hotel is one of the best 4 star hotels in Makkah All individuals
come to him from others is one of the closest hotels of the
Haram al-Makki and the honorable Kaaba.

Al Ahla Hotel

The best landmarks and services that bring you to Al Ahla Hotel

This hotel is close to many of the many tourist attractions that many need
Of tourists to meet their wishes and requests during the residence
and the best of these areas:

1- This hotel is close to the Grand Mosque and King Abdulaziz Gate.

2- This hotel is close to the towers of the house and Mecca Mall.

3- This hotel is close to the Grand Mosque and the King Fahd Gate.

4- Close to many shops, markets and malls.

5- Close to the Museum of Makkah and Mount Ghar Thur and
the Hospitality Mall.

6. The hotel is close to Zamzam Will and the Hejaz market.

The most important features of Al Ahla Hotel and distinguish it from others

The hotel has many advantages that make people go from other hotels
Makkah and the most important of these features:

1. The hotel offers a 24-hour reception and concierge service.

2- There are many commercial areas and malls.

3. Provides spa, sauna and psychological and physical
comfort services.

4- Al Ahla Hotel provides daily cleaning service as well
as laundry and ironing.

5 – Ahla Hotel provides places for children’s play and also places
For people with special needs.

6. The hotel offers a transfer service from and to the airport.

7. The hotel also provides a parking garage.

8 – works to provide all business facilities for businessmen
and owners Companies from conference rooms also work
on providing fax service.

9. The hotel offers an online booking service through
the internet as well as a service Free Wi-Fi.

10. The hotel offers family-friendly rooms.

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