Al Jaad Mahbas Hotel

Al Jaad Mahbas Hotel

Al Jaad Mahbas Hotel , is one of the most famous hotels in Makkah, which is interested in tourists to
stay because of its attractive location and attention to the good treatment of hotel guests and the
existence of all the services and facilities needed by the guests during the stay in hotels,
Makkah Hotel Reservation Company has ensured that the hotel will be booked
through it so that our valued customers benefit from the special offers and cheap
prices that the company has provided for you.

Al-Jad Al-Mahabas Hotel is located in Makkah, which is characterized by its religious character and is
aimed at Muslims to visit with the aim of establishing religious rites of Hajj and Umrah, It is the
most beautiful place in the world where the Ka’bah is located and is located in a unique
location in western Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most important cities overlooking
the western coast of the Red Sea. All this and more make our company
interested in providing tours and the choice of this hotel, which is
located in the most attractive places to attract tourists, the
company offers special offers to its customers.

Al Jaad Mahbas Hotel

The location of Al Jaad Mahbas Hotel

Tourists in any place in the world are interested in choosing a special place of residence and is
located near most of the places that the tourist likes to visit. There is no doubt that the
location of Al Jad Al-Habas Hotel is very special and welcomes tourists to stay
there, this hotel is just a 3-minute bus ride from the Haram al-Sharif in Mecca,
and the Azizia center, which is popular with tourists, is a 5-minute walk
from the hotel’s residence.

Located just 2 km from the Sacred Mosque and Abraj Al Bait Towers, Al Jad Mahabas Hotel is located
just 5 km from Ghar Thur, Taif Regional Airport is the nearest airport to the residence, 72 km away
and free public parking is available near the hotel.

The most popular facilities at Al Jad Al Habas hotel

This hotel offers many facilities that help tourists to stay with a sense of comfort and entertainment
required, and therefore rated it as the best hotels in Makkah and the most comfortable
accommodation for its many facilities that distinguish it from many other hotels,
the most important of these facilities:

Al Jaad Mahbas Hotel reservation

The hotel provides the reservation of this hotel because it is among the best hotels in Makkah, so
it was contracted to provide the special prices only to our valued customers. All the rooms of
the hotel are characterized by warm and quiet colors, it offers large spaces. Each room
has a minibar and a TV with satellite channels. Bathrooms have free bath and bath
amenities for hotel guests.

Guests at Al Jad Al Mahabas can enjoy Lebanese dishes at the Al Bustan Restaurant. The Diwan
Restaurant serves continental cuisine and guests can relax and chat with a cup of coffee
or tea at Zamzam Café.

Attractions near the hotel

Al-Jad Al-Habas Hotel is close to many different attractions, the most important of which is the Grand
Mosque in its various gates, It is also close to the towers of the house and the altar of Abraham, and is
located near the towers of the house of the house, which tourists love to buy souvenirs from it.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Hira Lake, the King Abdullah of Zamzam Water and the
famous Makkah Museum. There are many malls around it such as the hospitality mall, Mecca Mall and
the Hijaz market.

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