Booking Anwar Al Aseel Hotel

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Booking Anwar Al Aseel Hotel

Booking Anwar Al Aseel Hotel Through our company, which is the best company to provide
tourism services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Among the tourism services provided by the company is the hotel reservation service Makkah by contracting with a selection of the most luxurious hotels located in Mecca, which is close to the city’s vital landmarks.

We will specialize in this article to talk about the hotel Anwar Al Aseel , which is one of the
most luxurious hotels in Mecca, in addition to the level of service excellence, which is 24 hours
non-stop and this luxury hotel has many other features that make the top hotels in Mecca Al Mukarramah .

Booking Anwar Al Aseel Hotel

As the city of Mecca witnesses successive tourist delegations throughout the year it is normal
to have many hotels and of course the tourist is looking for the place of residence which is near
the Holy Mosque and Al-Kaaba and hotel Anwar Al Aseel is the most appropriate option for the location of excellence within the city of Mecca.

Booking Anwar Al Aseel Hotel

Anwar Al Aseel Hotel

This hotel is considered one of the most famous hotels in the city of Mecca, where this hotel has
earned a good reputation among the rest of the hotels located in Mecca, because of the features
that will be explained in this article most of the advantages that make this wonderful hotel in the forefront of hotels located in Mecca.

Anwar Al-Aseel Hotel Location:

This luxury hotel is 3.3 km from Umm Al Qura University and 3.5 km from Abraj Al Bait, in Al Azizia district, 3.6 km from Masjid Al Haram and 6 km from Mecca Mall. King Abdulaziz International Airport is 101 km away. 7 km from Har Hira and 8 km from Mina. Mount Arafat is located 19 km from the place of residence, while Zamzam well is 3.5 km from the place of residence, so it is considered a very special residence and this is a close proximity to the religious landmarks in the city of Mecca which is a destination for Muslims who They come to Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah every year.

Accommodation Features Anwar Al-Aseel Hotel: –

There are many advantages to make this hotel a convenient choice for the coming Muslim tourists
To Mecca from around the world. These features can be listed in the following points.

The hotel offers non-smoking rooms.
The hotel offers a free Wi-Fi service.
The hotel offers 24-hour room service without interruption
The hotel also has facilities for those with special needs.
The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms for visitors and there is a private elevator to facilitate the boarding process.
The hotel has a reception desk that helps tourists reach the surrounding areas and this office is open 24 hours a day.
The rooms at the hotel have a wardrobe, a private bathroom with hairdryer, and guest rooms
Anwar Al Aseel Hotel

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