Conrad Makkah Hotel

Conrad Makkah Hotel

Conrad Makkah Hotel , This hotel is one of the most important hotels in Mecca and the most
famous, the hotel is characterized by its services that provide the comfort and tranquility of
tourists, and visit Mecca even more in the seasons of Hajj and Umrah for the
performance of the rituals, where Makkah is the holiest places in the world
to contain the Kaaba, Mecca is characterized by many hotels to serve
tourists, but Conrad Hotel is one of the most important hotels
in Makkah because it is very close to the Kaaba and the
Grand Mosque and is the most visited place to visit
Mecca tourists in Saudi Arabia.
God chose this spot of the earth to make it more sacred than others. In our sincere appreciation
for making the pilgrims more comfortable during the performance of the Hajj, we at
Makkah Hotels Company made a reservation at the Conrad Makkah Hotel,
The hotel is the most suitable place for tourists to visit. The hotel has many
facilities to provide tourists with more comfort, making it a pure
focus for religious rituals. When booking through our
company, the company offers many discounts
only to our valued customers.

Conrad Makkah Hotel

What distinguishes the site of the Conrad Hotel Makkah: –

Conrad Hotel Makkah is located in the heart of Mecca and is one of the most inspiring holy places
for Muslims in the world. It is only steps away from the Kaaba and the Holy Mosque. The hotel
is easily accessible via Umm Al-Qura road connected to Makkah-Jeddah route. The Grand
Mosque is only a few steps away from the hotel’s residence. It is only a short distance
from the Abraj Al Bait Mall, which tourists love shopping. It is located only 300
meters from the Conrad Hotel. Abraj Al Bait is only 500 meters away. From
the place of residence, which is easy for tourists to visit at any time,
You Abdul Aziz International distance of 75 km.

Restaurants and Food Available at Conrad Makkah Hotel: –

The tourist can eat many of his favorite foods, for the availability of Arab and international dishes in
the fixed or selective menus or to enjoy the options offered by the comprehensive and varied
buffet at the restaurant Almaraj comfortable and open to eat throughout the day, Prime
Restaurant is overlooking the campus It also specializes in serving fresh and
cooked steaks, Relax after a busy day and enjoy the delicious juice at
Al Hilal Cafe Rest. The quiet Kawthar Rest is the perfect place
to relax with a cup of coffee and dessert while enjoying
stunning views of the Haram.

Restaurants available around the hotel

Many restaurants are available next to the Conrad Hotel Makkah, the most important of
these three hotels: –

Al Mearaj Restaurant.
Prime Restaurant.
Al Kawthar Lounge.

Conrad Makkah Hotel Offers

This hotel is renowned for its excellent treatment with its guests and providing all the services
needed by tourists.

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