Dallah Taibah Hotel

Dallah Taibah Hotel

Dallah Taibah Hotel , One of the most important hotels in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah in the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia, where he cares about the good hospitality of the hotel guests, and to provide
the cheapest prices for Makkah Hotels reservation company contracted with the
hotel to offer special offers to our valued customers, as the company is
interested in providing all the services needed by the tourist to
make a special trip to Medina.

Medina is characterized by the presence of many places of religious tourism is predominantly religious
and Islamic, where there is the Prophet’s Mosque and the Mosque of Anbarieh Mosque and
Qiblatin, there are also some other archaeological sites that take a glimpse of the
religious character, such as Mount Elephant, which tourists like to climb, as
well as Mount Sun and Qasr al-Sanea, and one of the most famous
hotels that tourists like to stay at the Dallah Hotel in Madinah
, Saudi Arabia, this hotel is famous for providing many services
and provides the facilities needed by tourists to complete
their journey with all the comfort and enjoyment.

Dallah Taibah Hotel

The advantages of the site of Dallah Hotel in Madinah: –

The tourist likes to pay attention to the location of the hotel where he will reside so as not to
waste much time in mobility, which also makes him physically tired, it is important that
the place of the hotel is close to the places of tourism and entertainment and places
he likes to visit, this is what distinguishes the hotel that our company chose
Dallah Hotel where it is located near the Prophet’s Mosque, where
 Dallah Taibah Hotel is located 50 meters from the Prophet’s
Mosque and the commercial area and shopping options
located in Madinah, which tourists like to buy the city,
Al Qublatin Mosque and Quba Mosque are 7 km
from the hotel and Prince Mohammed
Airport is 25 km away.

What services are available to guests when confirm the
Dallah Hotel Reservation in Madinah?

This hotel welcomes its guests and is famous for its good reception and good treatment with the guests
of Dallah Tiba, and is famous for providing a lot of services to the visitors so that they are happy
to stay and spend a pleasant and comfortable time, we will list here the most important
services provided by the Dallah Taiba Hotel to its visitors:

  1. Some of the rooms feature views of the Prophet’s Mosque, where guests can experience religious rituals around them.
  2. The hotel’s café serves a variety of hot drinks, fresh juices, pastries and snacks.
  3. Each spacious room at Dallah Taiba Hotel offers air conditioning.
  4. All rooms feature flat-screen TVs and a safe deposit box.
  5. Bathrooms have complimentary toiletries and slippers.
  6. Room service is available 24 hours a day.

The facilities that distinguish Dallah Hotel from other hotels in Medina

The hotel provides a lot of facilities that help the hotel guests to feel the enjoyment and comfort,
and these facilities provide the resort to go out to spend what he needs outside the hotel
invest time to enjoy the religious rituals located near the hotel, and because the
hotel is working to provide luxury to the guests, the administration took care
when booking the Dallah Hotel in Madinah providing these facilities:

Our company is interested in providing services in Makkah, Morocco and Turkey, which is interested
in all the services needed by the tourist to enjoy a special trip, and the most important
of those services: