Drnef Ajyad Hotel

Drnef Ajyad Hotel

Drnef Ajyad Hotel ,We welcome you to Makkah tourism company which provides all the services that
tourists need during their travel to Saudi Arabia either for the purpose of religious tourism and
completing the rituals of Hajj and or for the purpose of leisure tourism where the services
provided by our company serve by our hotel reservation service in Makkah,
Renting apartments in Makkah, renting villas in Makkah and
renting cars in Makkah. Our company contracts with hotels
close to Haram and religious sites in Mecca to
ensure the comfort of tourists.

Mecca is the city of the first Muslims honored by God Almighty and set it and made it a blessed
city by the birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and contains the Kaaba
Muslims, which come millions of tourists annually and also contains a lot of
religious attractions and it has many luxury hotels that receive pilgrims,
pilgrims and tourists and you can see the best hotels in Makkah.

Drnef Ajyad Hotel

The location of Drnef Ajyad Hotel

The hotel has a charming location and is close to the religious sights. The hotel is 2.1 km from the Mecca Clock
tower and 2.2 km from Al Safwa Tower. The hotel is a few minutes’ drive from the Holy Mosque.
The Drnef Ajyad Hotel is 3.2 km from Mount Thorpe and The Taif Regional
Airport is the nearest airport to the hotel, 74 km away.

Features booking of Hotel Dernaf Ajyad

The hotel has many distinctive features that make it one of the best hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
where the value of the residents it offers the best services and the hotel is characterized
by hospitality and dignity of the guests and offers a lot of amenities.

There is a 24-hour reception desk at the Dernaf Ajyad Hotel. The staff also speak several
languages ​​to serve the tourists and offer a luggage and room service.

The hotel is characterized by modern modern decor, which shows the architectural features and the rooms
of the hotel are characterized by modern decoration and comfortable furniture and contains many
recreational facilities that facilitate the stay of tourists and is the presence of free internet in
the rooms and all the facilities of the hotel as well as rooms On television
screens and cable for satellite channels.

The rooms have a private bathroom with all the complimentary toiletries provided by the Fenjak
for residents and there is a hairdryer. The rooms at the Dernaf Ajyad Hotel also
have a seating area, telephone and safe.

The hotel serves the most famous international cuisine and serves traditional food.
It serves a daily breakfast buffet, open to residents
and breakfast can be ordered in the rooms.

The hotel is located close to the most famous malls in Makkah, which contains many famous
international brands, so the Booking of Hotel Dernaf Ajyad is one of the
best bookings for shopping and survey fans.

The sights are close to the Dernaf Ajyad Hotel

There are many tourist attractions close to the hotel, which come millions of tourists to Saudi Arabia
to visit, which indicate the lines of Islamic history and we list some
of these features in the following:

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