Golden Garden AlMadhina Hotel

Golden Garden AlMadhina Hotel

Golden Garden AlMadhina Hotel , Tourists visit Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for
many tourist attractions and religious destinations where tourists are visiting the Prophet’s
Mosque and the Mosque of Qablatin Mosque and the Mosque of Quba as tourists are
interested in visiting the Museum of Dar Al Madina and the archaeological site
Madaen Saleh and also the Palace of the manufacturer as some tourists like
climbing ELfeel Mount , All these landmarks and more are located
in Madinah. The Makkah Hotel Reservation Company
offers hotel booking in Madinah to serve tourists and
provide them with comfort as well as other tourist
services provided by the company.

The hotel is interested in providing hotel reservations with many features such as hotels that
provide a lot of services and facilities, and those that are near the tourist attractions,
and from here we chose you Golden Garden Hotel which has a distinctive
location in Medina as we will mention below, And when the tourist
booking through our company, we offer special offers and
discounts for our valued customers.

Golden Garden AlMadhina Hotel

Golden Garden Hotel Location:

The Golden Garden Hotel is located close to the places where tourists like to go during their
journey, which saves them a lot of time and effort to move from one place to
another. The Golden Garden Hotel is located in Madinah, 6 km from
the Prophet’s Mosque , It has a common lounge and is
about 3.1 km from the Quba Mosque.

Golden Garden is also close to Madinah entertainment venues. King Fahad Park is just 8 km
away from the hotel, The old bazaar is 8 km away from the Golden Garden Hotel and
Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport is 16 km from
the Golden Garden.

Book the Golden Garden Hotel

The accommodation in this hotel is rated as the best value in Madinah but in the whole of Saudi
Arabia. Guests here receive excellent services equal to more than the charge paid by
the hotel compared to accommodation in other hotels in Madinah, For
your convenience, our company offers the hotel reservation company in Makkah
by providing you with the services of Golden Garden Hotel at the best prices and best prices.

Services and facilities provided by Golden Garden AlMadhina Hotel: –

Golden Garden Hotel has been renowned for providing the best services to its guests and
providing 24-hour reception at the hotel, making our company interested in providing
a contract with the hotel so that it can offer special discounts to our customers.

The following is the most important services and facilities provided by Golden Garden Hotel.

Wi-Fi is fast and free.
We have family rooms that are private.
The hotel has excellent non-smoking rooms.
All rooms at the hotel have tea-making facilities.
The Golden Garden Hotel offers free parking.
24-hour room service for Golden Garden guests.
The hotel provides facilities for people with special needs.
Rooms at Golden Garden AlMadhina Hotel include a private bathroom.
Some of the characteristic rooms have a kitchen equipped with a microwave.

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