Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel , Mecca is one of the most famous cities of religious tourism where Muslims
are interested in Hajj and Umrah and visiting the Holy Mosque. Other types of tourism, such as historical
and recreational tourism, therefore, our company has been interested in booking hotels in Makkah
by providing special tourist trips and interest in the stone hotels near the Haram.

One of the most famous hotels in Makkah, which has earned the confidence of its guests, is
the Makkah Hilton Convention Hotel, which offers the best service to its guests, so
we have contracted this hotel, our company has provided many special offers
and prices with this hotel for our great confidence that the hotel provides
all the amenities and facilities needed by the hotel guests.

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

What distinguishes Mecca Hilton Hotel location from other hotels?

When visiting Makkah, tourists are interested in staying at a hotel close to the Haram so that they can easily move
and have the time and effort to stay in a hotel. This is what distinguishes the hotel. The Mecca Hilton Hotel
is located moments from the Haram, it offers great views and is only a short distance away from
the Grand Mosque. The location of this hotel is also suitable for exploring the city of Mecca.
The Grand Mosque is 600 meters from the hotel, The towers are 800 meters away
and King Abdul Aziz International Airport is 75 km from Mecca Hilton.

What services and facilities does the hotel provide to its guests?

This hotel is one of the most hotels that provide the services and facilities needed by the guests in the hotel and
these services are the most important factors of fame and success, which made us interested in dealing
with them and to contract with the Mecca Hilton Hotel to offer our clients the best offers and
prices available to stay at the hotel, We would like to list these services and facilities:

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel reservation

This hotel is rated as the best value in Mecca because the hotel guests here get a lot of services and have plenty of
facilities to enjoy their journey with all the comfort, as the guests start the day with a delicious breakfast or
snack, freshly prepared dishes can be taken with fresh ingredients, or they can relax with a cup of tea
or coffee at the Makkah Hilton Conference Hall. All Hilton options are prepared to suit guests’
tastes from pre-dinner drinks to an early business lunch, it is also close to the Haram, and as a
result of all these features our company contracted with the hotel in order to provide
special offers, we welcome your contact with us.

We are glad to serve you always. Our company organizes tours, hotel reservations near the Haram and
rent apartments in Makkah. We also provide services in many other countries such as Turkey and
Morocco such as car hire in Turkey and other services that work at your convenience.