Infinity Makkah Hotel

Infinity Makkah Hotel

Infinity Makkah Hotel , Is one of the most important hotels in Makkah because of the good
reputation gained as a result of attention to the cleanliness of the hotel and the gentle
handling with all visitors The hotel provides all the services and facilities that
tourists need to visit Mecca, where many Muslims are interested in visiting
Mecca to revive religious rituals, Mecca is the place of descent of Islam
and is characterized by the beauty of spiritual, religious and cultural.

The old mosques are spread in Mecca, giving them an important historical overview about
Islam, and because Makkah Hotels reservation Company is interested in providing
all the services needed by tourists from the booking of special flights while
providing the best prices of hotels in Mecca for their customers.

The company has contracted with the most important hotels in Makkah and the most important hotel
is Infinitiy Makkah, which works for the convenience of guests and attention to all their
requests and implementation of quality and quickly, which helped them to spread
among the hotels with ease, And were classified as one of the best hotels
in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and this is why our company is interested
in dealing with them to provide special offers to our
customers when booking the hotel through us.

Infinity Makkah Hotel

Location of the Infinity Makkah Hotel

The most important attraction for tourists to the place of residence in any city they visit is the location
of the hotel and proximity to the tourist attractions of the city, The Infinity Hotel is located in
the heart of Mecca, just a 15-minute walk from the Grand Mosque, one of the main sites for
performing Hajj and Umrah rituals. It is located just 700 meters from Abraj Al Bait
Towers and King Abdul Aziz International Airport is the closest airport to
the Infiniti Hotel Makkah, 100 km away. One of the most important
tourist attractions close to this hotel is the Museum of Mecca, the
Mall of Hospitality, Mount Ghar Thur and the Hejaz Market.

Booking of Mecca hotels

The company was interested in contracting with Infiniti Hotel in Makkah because of its reputation
and the love of guests staying in this place, The hotel is sure to choose this hotel where it is located
in a special place among the tourist attractions, making the movement between the places easy
and saves you time and effort, and the hotel offers services that distinguish him from the
rest of the hotels of Mecca, and there are many facilities that attract tourists,
and we will be interested in this article to mention those services and facilities,
it is worth mentioning that this hotel consists of 810 rooms, it is one
of the largest hotels in Mecca, and is a symbol of
hospitality in that holy city.

What are Infiniti’s services and facilities?

The company is interested in selecting hotels to provide distinctive services. The hotel is unique among
other hotels for its useful services to the tourist and provide facilities for his comfort during the stay,
and here we will remind you some of those services and facilities:

Our company is working hard to provide all the tourist services not only in Makkah but we offer
our services in Mecca, Morocco and Turkey, and remind you of some of those services
in the following points: