Land Premium Hotel 1

Land Premium Hotel 1

Land Premium Hotel 1 , This hotel is located in Mecca, which is famous for religious tourism and
has many places where guests like to visit, tThe most important of these are the Holy Mosque
and the Kaaba, Safa and Marwa, Abraj Al Bait, Jabal Al Noor, Al Tanaim Mosque, Jabal
Al Rahma, Jabal Arafat, Bilal Mosque and many other places that show the
originality and unique Islamic culture, our company has taken care of
the best hotel booking company in Makkah
by providing
its tourist services in Makkah in many of the international
cities that our company is interested in providing

We have identified many Saudi hotels in Makkah through Travveo Com, which provides us with
sufficient information about the hotels as a result of the views of the previous hotel guests, Our
company is working to provide reservation in the Land Premium Hotel 1 because of its
view of the hotel to provide the services needed by tourists in Mecca, and the hotel is
located near many tourist attractions, making it more comfortable and save time
for hotel guests, and the hotel offers prices Especially for our valued customers.

Land Premium Hotel 1

Important information about the location of the Land Premium Hotel 1 Makkah

There is a Premium land hotel 1 in Al-Tayseer Street in Al-Hafayr district, and as our company
offers booking in many hotels in Makkah and the most important of this hotel because it is
characterized by its presence near the places that attract tourists to visit, it provides
a lot of time and effort spent by tourists to move between those places, as
this hotel is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia only 1.4 km from the Holy
Mosque, tourists loved to stay there, it is located near Abraj Al Bait
Mall, about 1.5 km away. The Makkah Museum is located 2 km
from the residence of the Premium Land Hotel. Umm
Al Qura University is located 6 km from this residence.
the hotel is located 74 km from its nearest airport,
King Abdul Aziz International Airport, and
features a free roundtrip shuttle service
for its guests.

Travveo Com Tourist Services

This site helps to offer a lot of information about the hotels and most importantly the
Premium land hotel 1, and this hotel offers a lot of services, which encourages
the guest to repeat the residence and has many facilities, including:

Free Wi-Fi is available at the hotel.
The hotel has free parking for guests.
The hotel provides an airport shuttle service.
There are special and high-quality family rooms.
Room service is available at any time of the day.
Distinctive Land Road 1 paved for wheelchair users.
The Premium Land Hotel offers 1 non-smoking rooms.
The hotel has a lounge with a distinctive dining restaurant.
Availability of all facilities needed by people with special needs.

How to Confirm Booking of Land Premium Hotel 1

The Premium land hotel 1 is working on providing many facilities which makes the hotel guests more
comfortable and feel the fun and luxury, and this hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Makkah
because it provides the distinctive services needed by the hotel guests, فhis hotel has been rated as
one of the best hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, our company has insisted on
providing the hotel with prices for our valued customers only. It is also close to many famous
tourist places in Makkah.

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