Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

Makkah Clock Tower Hotel, Clock Tower Hotel is one of the best hotels in Makkah and it is built for
modern and distinctive buildings Among the hotels in the city, this hotel features a distinguished team
that providesall the services it needs Tourists and pilgrims during their trip to the city of Mecca
is the best choice among many hotels for the location of the hotel Which is close to the
Haram, as well as all the services needed by visitors and pilgrims.

The city of Mecca is one of the best cities in the world and purified of the existence of the House of God and the
holy Kaaba where it comes People from all over the world visit it and embrace it and Mecca has many hotels
High-end and luxurious, featuring a unique location that provides all the services that customers need from
Best of these hotels Makkah Clock Tower Hotel to enjoy the unique features and therefore work Our
company is a hotel reservation company in Makkah with the best hotels in Makkah
Al-Mukarramah as well as Al-Madinah Al Munawwarah and provide reservations
for tourists and Umrah pilgrims It is working to provide booking Mecca
hotels and booking flights to Mecca It also provides rental villas in
Mecca and rent apartments in Mecca and provide All services
needed by individuals during their visit to Mecca
The best prices possible.

Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

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Features of Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

The hotel provides family rooms for families.
It offers free Wi-Fi.
Spa and relaxation services for guests.
Travel trips to the most famous places of tourism in
 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This hotel is close to the Makkah Mosque and is
 directly overlooking it.

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Makkah Clock Tower features many of the best hotels in Mecca The hotel provides all the
services and amenities needed by individuals and services:

The hotel offers free car services.
The Nersian Hotel offers family-run rooms so
 families can easily stay in one place.
The hotel offers an airport shuttle service.
The hotel offers rooms for non-smokers.
The hotel also provides facilities for the disabled.

The company is not only providing hotel reservations in Makkah but offers

all the services of booking hotels in Morocco as well as the rental of

apartments In Morocco and the rental of apartments in Mecca and

also all the services needed by tourists during their journey

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possible prices to suit each customer