Al Shohada Hotel

 Al Shohada Hotel

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Mecca is the first Muslim city where Muslims come every year from all over the world to complete the rituals
of Hajj and Umrah and to complete their religion, there is the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba Muslims qbla,
as well as the Prophet’s Mosque and well Zamzam and many of the ancient religious and historical
landmarks that embody The greatness of the Islamic religion throughout history also
contains a series of luxury and distinguished hotels and you can view and book
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Al Shohada Hotel 

Overview of Al Shohada Hotel

– The hotel is one of the best 5 star hotels in Makkah and very close to the Holy Mosque and religious areas.

Al Shohada Hotel is characterized by elegant decoration and distinctive colors and quiet,
which followed the tranquility in the soul and many of the beauty features.

– The hotel has 494 rooms and suites with distinctive decor, comfortable and quiet furniture.
The rooms have the latest amenities and facilities. The rooms have flat screen TVs
and cable channels to enjoy watching your programs and games. Telephone
for all calls and rooms have private bathrooms with all
free toiletries and hairdryer.

Al Shohada Hotel has a restaurant that serves local and international cuisine
and offers special food systems. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast
every day and can order breakfast in the room.

– The hotel offers a variety of entertainment facilities including
air conditioning, free internet, massage
services and non smoking rooms.

Location of Al Shuhada Hotel

Booking Al Shuhada Hotel one of the best choices for visitors coming to pilgrimage, visiting the Holy Mosque
and the Kaaba, where the hotel is located near the religious sites. The hotel is about 700 meters from
the Holy Mosque at the gate of Ajyad and 700 meters from the King Abdul Aziz Gate is in
the middle Kaaba, which is surrounded by millions of pilgrims each year to complete
the rituals of Hajj and meet the call of God is high and is within walking distance
from the towers of the house and the hotel is a few minutes from
the clock tower Mecca Royal and is located about 96 km
from King Abdul Aziz International Airport .

Facilities available to you when booking Al Shuhada Hotel

The hotel offers many facilities and services that facilitate the daily life of the visitors during their stay.
The hotel is distinguished from other hotels that near from haram, which make up
the best hotel options available and we will list these
services to you in the following:

The sights are close to you when you book Al Shuhada Hotel

The hotel has a unique location close to the most popular tourist attractions
in Mecca to see it and from these landmarks:


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