Booking Al Shuhada Hotel

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Booking Al Shuhada Hotel

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Mecca is the first Muslim city the Muslims comes to it each year from all over the world to complete the rituals
of Hajj and Umrah, which contains the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba and the Prophet’s Mosque
and well Zamzam contains many of the religious monuments and ancient history
that It embodies the greatness of the Islamic religion throughout history
and contains a series of luxury hotels and you can book the most
luxurious hotels in Makkah through our company.

Booking Al Shuhada Hotel

About Al Shuhada Hotel

– Five Star hotels in Makkah.

– The hotel is located in the heart of Mecca and is a starting point for your trip.

– The hotel has many amenities and entertainment and many options for you during your stay.

– The hotel offers a wide range of services and is characterized by a warm hospitality and friendly service.

Al Shuhada Hotel blends expert service with state-of-the-art facilities to provide guests with a memorable stay.

Location of Al Shuhada Hotel

The hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Makkah and has a privileged location located within walking
distance of the towers of the house and also a short distance from the Mecca Clock Royal Tower
and 700 meters from the Holy Mosque at the gate of Ajyad and 700 meters from
the gate of King Abdul Aziz so It is easier for pilgrims to
reach the house of God through it .

Facilities available to you when booking Al Shuhada Hotel

The hotel provides many facilities that facilitate the daily life of visitors during their stay.
We will list these services to you as follows:

  • The hotel has free parking.
  • Reception is available 24 hours.
  • Room service is available 24 hours a day.
  • Non-smoking rooms are available in the hotel.
  • Luxurious family rooms are available at the hotel.
  • Daily cleaning, laundry and ironing services are available.
  • The Al Shuhada Hotel has free Wi-Fi in all hotel facilities.
  • Currency exchange and dry cleaning services are provided.
  • The hotel’s restaurant serves a daily breakfast buffet for residents and you can order in-room dining.

Attractions near you when you book Al Shuhada Hotel

The hotel has a unique location close to the most famous tourist attractions in Makkah
and we list some of these landmarks in the following:

  • Al Bait Towers is only 500 meters away.
  • Al-Bait Towers Mall, famous for its world-class luxury.
  • The King Fahad Gate is 900 meters away and the Al Mara Gate is 1.2 km from the hotel.
  • Al Shuhada Hotel is 800 meters from King Abdullah Gate and 800 meters from Zamzam Will.
  • The hotel is close to the Grand Mosque, 700 meters from the King Abdulaziz Gate and the Agyad Gate.

When booking Al Shuhada Hotel you are very close to the religious tourism attractions in Mecca
and to the lovers of shopping and roaming, the hotel is very close to the most famous malls
in Mecca and also markets such as the market Hijaz.

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