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Al Shahba Hotel Reservation - فنادق مكة || hotel reservation company in Makkah

Al Shahba Hotel Reservation

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Al Shahba Hotel Reservation

Al Shahba Hotel Reservation , Makkah, Saudi Arabia is known for its religious tourism. It is a heliport and is dedicated to the sanctity of the Kaaba, our company is a hotel reservation company
in Makkah
to provide a lot of tourist services in Mecca and the rest of the world, so if you
intend to perform Hajj and Umrah you can use the company through the services
provided from the beginning of booking airline tickets to
hotel reservations.

The task of booking hotels near the Haram is the biggest concern for tourists, so the
company worked to contract with many of those hotels, the most important of which is
the Shahba Hotel Makkah, which distinguishes our customers at their own
prices, and we have chosen this hotel because it offers its guests
services that provide comfort for them.

Al Shahba Hotel Reservation

Al Shahba Hotel Reservation

You can book the hotel by working with us at the best hotel booking company in Mecca, where
we work with Travveo com, which provides the information hotels in the world, our tourism services
not only depend on the services of Mecca, but many countries, to reserve the hotel you can contact us
and we will provide you with the discounts and the cheapest prices possible for our customers to book the Shahba Hotel in Mecca.

Location of the Shahba Hotel Makkah

Located in the Al-Hafir area on Umm Al-Qura Road, Al Shahba Hotel is located in Makkah, a
17-minute walk from the Grand Mosque. The hotel is only a 10-minute drive from the Hijaz
Market. Al Shahbaa Hotel Makkah is only 1.5 km away from Abraj Al Bait Towers. The
hotel is also close to recreational facilities such as the famous Abraj Al Bait Mall. It is
1.3 km away. The Makkah Museum is 2.5 km away. King Abdulaziz
International Airport.

Al Shahba Hotel reservation Features

Al Shahba Hotel offers tourist services in a distinctive way suitable for our valued customers,
providing many services and facilities that distinguish it from other hotels.
The most important of these facilities are:

Availability of facilities for people with special needs.
Elevator and air conditioning are available.
The existence of a mini market place.
The hotel offers non-smoking rooms.
Free Wi-Fi access is available.

Al Shahba Mecca Hotel Services

There is a TV lounge.
Room cleaning service.
Many gift shops spread.
The reception is open 24 hours a day.
The hotel has a barber shop and other beauty treatments.

Languages available to speak at the hotel

Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian.

Our company cooperates with Travveo com, which provides tourism services, which helps to provide
the largest amount of information about hotels in different countries. The site also provides
the possibility of adding the new by adding a hotel, and if you are a real estate owner
you can use the part of this task _ Add your property_ and this helps in providing
more options for the tourist, and do not forget that the company guarantees you
the performance of various tourism services, such as car leasing in Morocco
, hotel reservation in Turkey and many other services, and we are pleased
to contact you.

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