Al Shahba Hotel

Al Shahba Hotel

Al Shahba Hotel , Is one of the most famous hotels in Makkah, which is concerned with the hospitality
of its guests and provide a 24-hour reception service. The hotel also offers a well-trained staff,
Al-Shahbaa Hotel Makkah is located in a special location near the Makkah Haram, which
spreads the fragrance of Islamic history and gives peace to the souls. Mecca is one
of the most important places that Muslims wish to visit for Hajj and Umrah.

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Religious tourism is one of the most important factors affecting the large number of tourists to
the sanctity of the place in Saudi Arabia, but it does not depend on religious tourism only.
Its presence on the Red Sea on the west coast gives it a diversity between past history
and its future, Diving in the Red Sea is one of the most attractive places for tourists
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Al Shahba Hotel

What distinguishes the location of the Shahba Mecca Hotel?

Tourists prefer to stay close to the tourist attractions, making Al Shahba Hotel distinctive and the hotel
is located in the Hafir area on Umm Al Qura Road. The Al Shahba Hotel is located in Makkah,
only 17 minutes walk from the Holy Mosque. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the Hijaz
market, Al Shahbaa Makkah Hotel is only 1.5 km away from Abraj Al Bait Complex.
The hotel is close to many entertainment venues such as the Abraj Al Bait Mall
which is just 1.3 km away. The Makkah Museum is 2.5 km away. 74 km
from King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

How do you book Mecca Hotel?

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What services and facilities does the Shahba Hotel offer to its guests?

Al Shahba Hotel offers its tourist services in a way that suits your needs and offers
many services and facilities that distinguish it from other hotels.

One of the most important services of the Shahba Hotel is Mecca

Languages available to speak at the hotel

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