The Makkah Millennium Towers

The Makkah Millennium Towers

The Makkah Millennium Towers,  we offer you many special offers today through our company Makkah Tourism
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Mecca is one of the cities of Saudi Arabia. It is a holy city for Muslims. It contains the Kaaba and the Holy Mosque.
It is one of the most important cities in religious tourism. Millions of tourists come to the Kaaba annually
and Mount Al Nour is one of the most important holy places in the city.

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to worship God and also the Holy Mosque, which is
one of  the largest mosques in Mecca and the most important at all and prayer equivalent to
one hundred thousand prayers, and the mosque has two large libraries containing
the holy books and historical religion of Islam and also the towers of the house
overlooking the Kaaba and The Holy Mosque is a phrase N skyscrapers and
is the clock tower where  the central tower and the world’s largest
towers and Luxury hotels  such as Makkah Millennium Hotel .
You can reservation the Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel through our company.

The Makkah Millennium Towers

The Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel Location

The hotel is located in the center of the city of Mecca inside Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street. The hotel is close
to the famous religious areas such as the Kaaba and the Haram al-Makki and just steps from
the towers of the house and overlooking the gate of King Fahd and after a few meters
from the famous wells Zamzam and away from the airport King Abdul Aziz 97 Km
and the station Mecca distance of 7.4 km and is also about
150 meters from the Haram al-Makki.

The sights are close to you when you reservation the Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel

The hotel is located in a distinct geographic location in terms of tourism and is surrounded by many
tourist attractions Religious that comes tourists specifically to see them such as:

Therefore, reservation the Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel is one of the best choices
for tourists coming to Makkah and has won the admiration of its design and service
excellence and the generosity of the hotel staff.

The benefits you will receive when reservation the Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel

The hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Mecca, 5-star hotel and is the closest hotels of
the Holy Mosque of Mecca, located in the central area of ​​Mecca, the hotel includes forms
of beauty and elegance in the design and decoration and wonderful colors calm.

The hotel’s rooms are characterized by a wonderful and varied decoration to suit different tastes.
The room has air conditioning and many amenities such as sun terrace, mini bar, coffee maker,
ready tea set, safe for storing clothes. Also there is a flat screen TV with cable TV An en
suite bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Makkah Millennium Restaurant serves the finest cuisine of all kinds to satisfy all the desires
of all visitors. The owners of the food systems have their own restaurant.

Room service is available 24 hours a day to ensure that guests are satisfied.

The hotel also has a gift shop and souvenirs.

Dry cleaning, laundry and shoe polish.

Reasons to choose reservation the Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel

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