Reservation The Makkah Millennium Towers

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Reservation The Makkah Millennium Towers

Reservation The Makkah Millennium Towers, welcome to Mecca, which heart beats longing and looking forward
to visit and characterized by containment on many of the religious monuments and tourist places. Mecca City
of Muslims first contains the Kaaba, which is the Muslim Qibla and the Holy Mosque, millions of Muslims
every year visit Mecca and to follow the rituals of Hajj and Mecca has a lot of hotels that
are characterized by luxury and the combination of heritage Old and modern decor.
You can find the most luxurious hotels in Mecca through our company.

We are distinguished by our unique offers to serve the tourists and pilgrims coming to the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj and Umrah rituals and to visit the Holy House of Allah. Our company
Makkah Tourism is one of the pioneers of touristic companies and has won the trust of its
customers from all over the world. And the implementation of desires and offer tourist
programs in the famous places.

Reservation The Makkah Millennium Towers

The location of  The Makkah Millennium Towers

The hotel is located in the heart of Mecca on Ibrahim Al Khalil Street in Saudi Arabia. This hotel is close to
the beautiful tourist sites including the Holy Kaaba, the Prophet’s Mosque, the Towers of the House,
the King Fahd Gate and the famous Zamzam Towers. Abdul Aziz 97 Km and the central station
Mecca 7.4 km and is also about 150 meters from the Holy Mosque, making it
a special place for pilgrims.

What are the nearby tourist spots when reservation The Makkah Millennium Towers?

There are many tourist places close to the Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel, which attract tourists
to it and make the hotel distinctive and include the following features:

  • The Grand Mosque where the hotel overlooks King Abdullah Gate.
  • Close to the Holy Mosque in the direction of King Abdul Aziz Gate.
  • The hotel is only a few minutes walk from the Grand Mosque.
  • The Makkah Millennium Hotel is close to Zamzam Will.
  • Al-Masjid al-Haraam from the direction of Ajyad Gate.
  •  Located in the center of the towers of the house.
  • Mall Towers House in a few minutes.
  • The Sacred Mosque of Marwa Gate.
  • And the Museum of Mecca.

The advantages you get when reservation The Makkah Millennium Towers

– The hotel’s Jasmine Cafe specializes in preparing Arabic coffee and fresh pastries.

– The 5-star hotel offers views of the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba in Mecca.

– Reception at the hotel is open to visitors 24 hours a day to serve tourists.

– Currency exchange in the hotel and photocopying of fax and documents.

– Makkah Millennium Towers Hotel has Chinese and Arabic restaurants.

– The restaurant has large windows offering views of the Haram.

– Hotel rooms feature Art Deco decor and flat-screen TV.

– Daily room services and car rental.

Our company is keen to offer a lot of tourist services such as renting apartments, car rental,
booking airline tickets and booking hotels not only in Makkah but in many other countries
such as the Maghreb, where Morocco Tourism offers a lot of tourism services with
the lowest prices and cost, our goal is to satisfy the customer.

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