Bosphorus Hotel reservation

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Bosphorus Hotel reservation

Bosphorus Hotel reservation, The Medina is famous for its history and its ancient heritage and the existence of
museums and ancient markets, which makes it one of the most important places of tourism, and is the second
of the most sacred places for Muslims and the most important religious center after Mecca because of its
Islamic heritage and the existence of the Prophet’s Mosque and Mount Uhud, there are also places
of entertainment such as some museums and Mount Elephant, which is interested in mountain
climbing, so our company Makkah hotels reservation company offers you best hotel
offers that adhere to its location and provide the best services.

Our company deals with the most famous hotels in Madinah. Our company has the great confidence that has
come to it as a result of our commitment to provide the best services to the customers and to provide the best
offers to them and deal with the hotels have won the trust of the customers and then got the trust of
our company and most important Bosphorus Hotel because it is adjacent to the Prophet’s
Mosque Al Sharif, because it provides the best services to visitors.

Bosphorus Hotel reservation

What is the location of the Bosphorus Hotel for the Medina’s attractions?

One of the most important things that a traveler needs during his trip is to stay close to the most famous places
he will visit. Therefore, our company deals with the Bosphorus hotel because it is located in a special
location for the Prophet’s Mosque, where the hotel is only 4 minutes walk from the Prophet’s
Mosque, Kebba Mosque and Mount Uhud are only 15 minutes away
from the Bosphorus Hotel.

Bosphorus Hotel reservation :

The hotel is in the preferred area of Madinah to its visitors and the guests are more pleased with the Bosphorus
compared to other hotels, so we prefer the best hotel reservation company in Makkah to deal with
this hotel, and we are pleased to serve you and offer the best offers and prices in the Bosphorus Hotel
As well as we have cheaper rent apartments in Mecca and renting villas in Mecca.

What services does the Bosphorus Hotel offer you during your stay ?

The accommodation in Al-Basfour Hotel is considered to be the best value in Madinah, as visitors get many of the
most valuable services for the prices and offers available from our company compared to other places
and hotels in Madinah.

  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Non-Smoking Rooms.
  • Availability of Family Rooms.
  • A 24-hour reception is available.
  • Rooms are equipped with air conditioning.
  • The bathrooms have a shower and bathrobes.
  • Some rooms have a seating area and a sofa bed.
  • Offers a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee making facilities.
  • An ATM machine is available near the Bosphorus Hotel.
  • Providing the facilities needed by people with special needs.
  • All rooms and suites of the hotel feature modern Arabic and Turkish elegance.
  • The Bosphorus Hotel features a unique restaurant serving Turkish cuisine for breakfast and dinner throughout the day.

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