Reservation the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel

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Reservation the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel

Reservation the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel , Welcome to Makkah Travel & Tourism in Saudi Arabia
We provide all the services needed by travelers to Makkah such as Booking hotels in Mecca,
booking flights in Mecca, renting apartments in Makkah and
renting villas in Makkah and renting cars in Makkah
and ourcompany guarantees you to meet
all your wishes and get full comfort.

Everyone sees Mecca as a city for Muslims where there is the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba is the kiss of Muslims
and the Muslims come from all over the world to visit its ancient and religious landmarks and Mecca
has many hotels and you can use our services in hotel booking where we offer you the most
luxurious hotels in Makkah the lowest prices and the characterized by these hotels as
centered around the haraam to ensure the rest for pilgrims
who coming for Hajj And visit the House of Allah.

Reservation the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel

About the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel

– Luxury 5-star facilities with 2 modern dining options.

The Pullman Hotel Zamzam hotel is one of Mecca’s most prominent landmarks.

– Provides many comfortable and well-equipped facilities for hospitality and has 1315 rooms.

– Located opposite the King Abdul Aziz Gate to view the spiritual atmosphere that pervades the place .

– Located in the towers of the House next to the Sacred House of Allah and the Kaaba located in the heart of Mecca.

Services available to you when Reservation the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel

The hotel offers a lot of services that guests need and that provide comfort to the visitor
To ensure constant service to the client and these services:

  • he availability of staff at any time throughout the day to meet the services.
  • It offers wake-up service and luggage transfers.
  • Provides ATM and document printing services.
  •   It offers valet parking and room service.
  • The hotel offers a limousine service.

What distinguishes the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel ?

  • The Pullman Hotel Zamzam Mecca is a suitable place to see the Kaaba and the Holy Mosque.
  • Provides you with a radio communication system that enables the worshipers to follow the
    time of prayer from inside their rooms.
  • There is a restaurant serving buffet for breakfast and breakfast can be served in the rooms.
  • the Pullman ZamZam Makkah hotel have Private suites and luxury studios are available.
  • There are seating areas with satellite TV.
  • Reception desk available 24 hours a day.

If you are coming to Saudi Arabia, do not hesitate to apply for our hotel booking service. Reserve your hotel
at the lowest price through us. We are one of the leading tourism companies in Mecca and our services
include many features at affordable prices for all and our goal is to provide
the best services to customers and to take
care of their comfort.


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