Book Mecca Clock Tower Hotel

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Book Mecca Clock Tower Hotel

Book Mecca Clock Tower Hotel ، Through the best hotel reservation company in Makkah where
the company is working to provide All services needed by customers during their stay or visit to the
city of Mecca in hotel reservations This hotel is considered one of the best hotels that our
company has contracted in Makkah city for what it offers The hotel is distinguished
by its unique features on the campus Makki directly is considered among the
best Mecca hotels 5 stars close to Haram and classified Globally for its
unique location and also for having a team working to meet all
The wishes of the customers to the fullest.

Book Mecca Clock Tower Hotel

Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

Makkah Clock Tower is one of the best hotels in the city of Makkah Overlooking the Haram directly, which attracts many pilgrims

and pilgrims for easy access to the campus has lost This hotel is among the best 5 star hotels in Makkah

for the many advantages of this hotel The most important of these features:

Features of Makkah Clock Tower Hotel

The hotel provides family rooms for families.
It offers free Wi-Fi.
Spa and relaxation services for guests.
Travel trips to the most famous places of
 tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Makkah Clock Towers Hotel is close to the
 Makkah Mosque and directly overlooks it.
This hotel also approximates shopping malls and shops.
The hotel provides the staff and the occupants with arranging
 all transport services from the airport .

Services provided by Makkah Clock Tower to its valued customers

Book Mecca Clock Tower Hotel

This hotel offers its customers a number of important services that
provide them with all the comforts and safety of this Make this
hotel unique from other hotels and the most
important of these services:

The hotel provides laundry and ironing services.
The hotel has four large restaurants serving all
 international cuisine.
The hotel offers spa services and relaxation.
The hotel offers vehicles and vehicles equipped with
 all services and works to transport pilgrims.
And travelers to all destinations.
Makkah Clock Tower Hotel offers an airport shuttle service.
The hotel offers rooms for non-smokers.

The hotel also provides facilities for the disabled .

The company is not only providing hotel reservations in Makkah but offers

all the services of booking hotels in Morocco as well as the rental

of apartments In Morocco and the rental of apartments in Mecca and

also all the services needed by tourists during their journey to

provide all amenities Safe for them and the best possible prices

to suit each customer.

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