Conrad Makka Hotel Offers

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Conrad Makka Hotel Offers

Conrad Makka Hotel Offers, Makkah is one of the places that Muslims target for Hajj and Umrah,
Makkah Hotels reservation Company its best services to visitors to the House of Allah, the
most important hotel that has many advantages for visitors is the Conrad Makkah Hotel,
it is one of the best Mecca hotels in terms of location for the Kaaba and its prices
and appropriate services.

Therefore, our company is offering you accommodation at the Conrad Makkah Hotel. From here,
our company will start to serve you. We will do the hotel reservation for you in addition to
other services you can use such as renting apartments in Mecca
and renting villas in Mecca.

Conrad Makka Hotel Offers

Conrad Makka Hotel Location :-

Conrad Hotel Makkah is located in the heart of Mecca the one of the most inspiring holy places for Muslims in
the world. It is only steps away from the Kaaba and the Holy Mosque. The hotel is easily accessible
via Umm Al-Qura road connected to Makkah-Jeddah route. Guests can also enjoy dining
at the on-site restaurant.

What are the Conrad Makka Hotel Offers for visitors?

The hotel has many services that distinguish it from any other hotel, and the most important of these services: –

  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Separate dressing area.
  • Guest reception rooms are spacious and modern.
  • Some rooms and suites enjoy open views of the Haram or the Kaaba.
  • Additional benefits such as exclusive butler service and access to executive lounge are also included.

Restaurants and Food Available at Conrad Makkah Hotel: –

You can enjoy your favorite foods, because of the availability of Arab and international dishes in fixed
or selective menus or to enjoy the options offered by the comprehensive and varied buffet at
Al Maraj Restaurant, which is convenient and open for dining throughout the day. The
Prime Restaurant overlooks the Haram and specializes in freshly cooked and
cooked steaks. Relax after a busy day and enjoy the delicious juice at
Al Hilal Café Rest. The quiet Kawthar Rest is the ideal place to
relax with a cup of coffee and dessert while enjoying
breathtaking views. And distinctive on Al Haram.

What facilities are available at the Conrad Makkah Hotel?

There are many facilities available at the hotel that visitors can use such as:

  • A fitness center equipped with good equipments and specialized trainers to assist.
  • Availability of restaurants inside and outside the hotel.
  • We have family rooms.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available.

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